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5G Summit – ZTE claims 5G breakthrough

ZTE has claimed a new 5G breakthrough, unveiling a technology capable of more than tripling the overload capacity of wireless networks.

The company’s new multi-user shared access (MUSA) technology delivered an over 200% improvement in the overload radio during simulation testing, ZTE said.

MUSA uses non-orthogonal complex spreading sequences at the transmitter side for modulation and incorporates successive interference cancellation at the receiver side, allowing multiple users to transmit at the same time and frequency.

The technology forms part of ZTE’s pre-5G portfolio of technologies. The vendor has also successfully tested another pre-5G technology, ultra-dense network (UDN), which uses interference cancellation technology and the new Pico RRU hardware platform.

ZTE chief scientist Xiang Jiying said pre-5G technologies could help operators fill growing demand for capacity and speed ahead of the anticipated commercialization of the 5G standard in 2020.

“The Pre5G solution will help operators exponentially enhance the access rate and overall network capacity by leveraging existing resources in the next 3–5 years,” he said.

“Before standardization of 5G technologies, this solution can effectively mitigate the challenges of the data traffic surge, and help operators seize market opportunities and achieve better business development.”


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