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5 Developing Technologies That Are Making Headlines In 2018

Every other day, we see something new in the field of technology. It is not possible to guess which new gadget will become the next coolest thing for the youth. Also, it is hard to guess which new website will grow to be a new leading social media platform. The advent of smartphones, technologies like 4G-LTE, artificial intelligence (AI), online …

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5 IoT Trends That 2018 Should Be Looking AT

Internet of Things was probably one of the obscure technologies at some point, when people were apprehensive about it, as they did not know much about it. But that time has long gone. IoT has now become the technology of the masses. Everyone is ready to adopt IoT solutions, to employ the best IoT developers, and own IoT devices. In …

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Next Generation Cell Phone – iPhone

When talking about cell phones, every time technology giants such as Apple, Nokia or Samsung come up with a new cell phone, their devices are offered to offer the best features that new and innovative. Still million of cell phone users expect new features beyond their imagination and here the idea of ​​next generation cell phone comes up. Rumors are …

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5G Ready to Arrive – How It Will Evolve & The Future

There has been an increased interest and speculation in the evolution of 5G in the recent years, further this year in 2018 it is expected 5G will come into the real scene. By the end of 2018, AT & T sees to launch mobile 5G to plenty of selected markets. Further, starting with Sacramento, CA a lot of cities will …

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