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Best Content Service

Open to

Operators and service providers, network equipment providers/vendors and other companies in the telecom sector.

Entry Method

Nomination: independently judged. Service must have been launched during the period 1 October 2013 – 20 November 2017.

About this category

The winning entry will describe a content-based service which has produced a commercial return and addresses demand for content services and especially suits the needs of the end-users to whom it was delivered. It will demonstrate innovation in approach, pricing and technology. The entry can focus on enterprise or consumer content.

Entrants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate that this is a new service or new in the market specified
  • Explain why you launched this service and how it addresses a particular market need
  • Outline any innovative technology and/or service aspects involved
  • Demonstrate new thinking in design, development, usability and market appeal
  • Show evidence that the new service has been successful in terms of revenuegeneration and/or customer take-up

If you are entering this category, you should address the following points:

  • What is your new service and when was it introduced to this market?
  • What does it do? What makes it suitable for the target audience?
  • Why did you introduce this new service?
  • What features make your new service stand out from the competition?
  • How successful is your service? What revenues do you expect this service to produce in the next three years?

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