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Best Place to Work

Open to:

This category is open to all Asian Head Quarter telecom companies with a minimum of 1,000 employees in 2017.

Entry Method:

Corporate submission combined with employee research via a separate survey conducted by Total Telecom. There is no charge to compete in this category. The survey will be available on the website


The Best Place to Work will recognise Asian based telecom businesses that provide their employees with the best working environment.

This category will utilise a combination of company submission with employee feedback to assess who offers the best overall place to work. The category will focus on issues including diversity and CSR programmes, employment practices, and internal communications, as well as remuneration, perks, and above all else trust to assess which telecom operators offer the best working environment.

In order to be considered for this category, the company must complete the submission at a corporate level and have employee responses from at least 50 employees or 1% of the workforce (if the organisation employees less than 5,000 people). All individual survey responses will be treated in aggregate, no individuals will be identified. Individuals may complete the survey without corporate involvement, in which case we will approach the company and ask them if they wish to participate.

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