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Innovation Award

Open to

Operators and service providers, vendors and other companies in the telecom sector.

Entry Method

Nomination: independently judged.


This category will be awarded to the individual or organisation that has shown the greatest innovation in developing or fostering the development of a technology, used or with usability, in delivering or receiving communications services via carrier networks. The winner will demonstrate the development of a technology with potential for far reaching effect on business or consumer markets.The innovation must be demonstrated during the period 1 October 2013 – 20 November 2017.

Entrants should be able to demonstrate:

  • That the entry is based on demonstrable innovation
  • The development of a technology with potential for far reaching effect on business or consumer markets
  • That the technology and/or its application is the original work of or has been specifically developed for the entrant, and that they are not simply implementing another company’s technology
  • That it represents an innovative approach to an existing aspect of communications networks or services, or opens up an entirely new area
  • That the technology works and has commercial potential by means of demonstrating commercial deployment or extensive testing with one or more operators

If you are entering this category, you should address the following points:

  • What is the name of your technology? What does it do?
  • When the technology was originally envisaged
  • Which operator (s) is the technology deployed with during the period 1 October 2012 – 20 November 2017.
  • How does your technology or product help end users and/or companies do business with their customers or clients? Why should they buy it?
  • What features make your technology easy to use or install?
  • What features make your technology stand out from other technologies that do a similar job?
  • What revenues do you expect your technology to produce? How do you intend to grow revenues and/or business from your technology or product over the next three years?

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