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Laptop Stands – What Are the Main Types?

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I guess you already know what a laptop stand is: a kind of mobile desk that sets between your lap and your laptop keeping heat away from body's sensible zones and helps you achieve a better working position while using a mobile computer.

Now it's time to find out how many types of laptop stands are there and what makes them different from each other. So without further due I give you the list:

· Desktop laptop stands : those are stands intended for those people who use a laptop for work purposes while standing at a desk. Those types have the purpose of raising the screen closer to your eyes level and angle the keyboard so that your hands sit on a straight angle with your palms and fingers while typing

· Portable stands : you're using these while sitting on a chair, bed or sofa and help distantiate the bottom of the laptop from your lap this lowering that uncomfortable temperature and increasing cooling effect of the laptop, which also results in lower noise during operation and better reliability

· Rolling stands are like furniture with wheels and act like a smaller desk that you move around the house so you can work like at the office while sitting on a sofa for example

· Cooling laptop stands : have the function of cooling the bottom of hot laptops achieving that with the use of a larger cooler that blows cool air from the room onto the hot parts of your mobile computer. They are typically powered by USB ports, so not affecting mobility

· Laptop stands with peripherals : increase functionality by adding stereo speakers, webcam and other ports for your convenience.

There are the most important types of laptop stands on market today but other types are expected to hit shelves soon as new IT & C standards come to life.

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