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Making A House Your HOME

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We've all heard the expression, A House Is Not A Home , but, often, overlook it, or, at least, do not pay sufficient attention, to, it's significance! Since, in the vast number of circumstances, one's house, representations their single – largest, financial asset, would not it make sense, for a homeowner, to, also, thoroughly enjoy, his experiences, at that home, to as large a degree as possible? The happiest owners, are those, who successfully transform, a mere, house, to their beloved, HOME! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why it makes a difference, for the better.

1. How (it serves you); heart: Will your residence, become your friend, or just, a place, to hang your hat? Every homeowner should consider, what he seeks from his house, and why, he believes, his vision, will be addressed, in a positive way, which means, how it might serve his needs, desires, goals and priorities. While the so-called, bones, of a property, are, of course, very important, until / after, it meets the emotional necessities of the owner, it will never be transformed, from a house, to a true home! What aspects, of home ownership, will enhance the emotional components, needed, or what might be referred to, as the heart of the matter?

2. Options; opportunities; organized: Do not approach home ownership, in a haphazard manner! Rather, proceed, in an organized way, and consider the possibilities, options and alternatives, in terms of how, each, might enhance one's experiences, and enjoyment, of living, in a particular house! Never overlook any opportunities, which may make you happier, and better meet your specific needs, and goals, etc!

3. Meaningful; motivation: What might make your experiences more meaningful, happier, and / or more significant? Will each, provide you with more happiness, pride – of – ownership, and positively, motivate you, to truly, enjoy, your living, in your home?

4. Enriching; excellence; exceed expectations: Will you have realistic perceptions, and will, living somewhere, consistently, exceed expectations, so you are proud of your home, and develop, an emotional bond? How will this be personal enriching and fulfilling, and serve your focus, on personal excellence, enjoyment, and the utmost degree of happiness, etc?

Will you want to make that house, you bought, own, and live in, your HOME ? Anything, which makes your life, more enjoyable, will probably be, personally enriching!

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