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Next Generation Cell Phone – iPhone

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When talking about cell phones, every time technology giants such as Apple, Nokia or Samsung come up with a new cell phone, their devices are offered to offer the best features that new and innovative. Still million of cell phone users expect new features beyond their imagination and here the idea of ​​next generation cell phone comes up. Rumors are always coming from different quarters thanks to next generation cell phone. This time yet another rumor from Apple that it is working on its next generation iPhone which is unofficially named as "iPhone 5" or "iPhone 5G".

Apple claims that new generation iPhone 5 will be of a different kind from which people are familiar at the moment. Speculators are that iPhone 5 may include 4G network compatibility, with all new operating system, better and improved battery life and enhanced graphics / display options. It is also expected that new iPhone 5 will be RFID enabled. Having RFID feature in a cell phone means that future cell phone may be functioning as a credit card and you just need to wave your cell phone at any payment options to pay any payment. There are many users with complaints of reception and this issue is seriously addressed and users of iPhone 5 will not be having such issues with their handsets.

This is quite obvious that such features also require much faster processor. The next generation iPhone 5 will be equipped with a faster processor to support highly sophisticated features such as 5 mega-pixel camera and it will support multi-tasking functions. Other features like front-facing video chat camera, improved regular back-camera, camera flash, micro-sim instead of standard sim as in iPad, improved display as mentioned above, split buttons for volume and power, mute and volume buttons that are expected to metallic.

Expectations of users are much more than what the rumors are about the next generation iPhone 5 especially those users who travel too much are busy executives those who have very little time for relax. Next generation iPhone 5 is promised to have every advanced features that has not been seen before in any handheld device.

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