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Preparing A Home For Winter: 5 Areas

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Since, for most people, their house presents, their single, largest, single, financial asset, does not it make sense, for homeowners, to do, all they possibly can, to protect it? Every house requires preventive maintenance, and, if you own, a home of your own, you must recognize, how true, the adage, about, an ounce of prevention, is, when it comes to protecting yourself! Every change in season, brings its own challenges, and, if you live in an area, where winter, brings significantly cold conditions, as well as snow, etc, preparing a home, for this season, is smart, reasonable and recommended. With this in mind, this article will examine and review, 5 specific areas, to consider.

1. Drain, and turn – off, exterior water: If you have outside water, including hoses, and in – ground, sprinkler systems, it is wise, and necessary, to winterize them, in advance, of the change, in season! Be certain you drain the lines, and, then, turn these off, for the season. Failure to do so, may result in frozen lines, and considerable expenses!

2. Repair cracks in concrete, driveway, foundation: What might look like some harmless crack, or irregularity, in either a concrete area, driveway, or foundation, it makes sense to effectively repair these, and in that, assuring , a lesser possibility of some major problem or repair!

3. Clear leaves / obstacles, from roof, leaders and gutters: At the end of the autumn season, it's important to remove the leaves from drains, roofs, leaders and gutters! Failure to do so, may result in a build up of water, which may produce icing, and cause excessive destructive weight, etc.

4. Identify and address air leaks: You want to heat your home, rather than the street! Energy costs, whether one uses oil, gas, electric, and / or some combination, is expensive, and air leaks, from windows, doors, walls and sockets, is like throwing money, out the window! Identify leaks, and do, what you can, to address them, in a reliably inexpensively manner!

5. Check your heating system: In advance of the intensive heating system, where your burner and boiler, and overall heating system, is heavily utilized and taxed, wise homeowners, have their energy supplier and / or service company (or do it themselves) , if they know how), perform a preventive maintenance. This procedure examines, cleans, identifies potential issues, and takes care of these, before they become problematic! Remember the adage about an ounce of prevention!

Informed, prepared homeowners, take care of potential issues and challenges, before they become far more expensive! Hopefully, this simple, relatively, easy – to – do, checklist, will make a positive difference, for the better!

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