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SMART Reasons For Buying A Home

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Many consider home ownership, to be, an essential component, of the so-called, American dream! However, since, for most, the value of their house, presents, their single – largest, financial asset, does not it make sense, to do everything, possible, to ensure, these dreams, do not become nightsmares? Many individuals purchase houses, based on some emotional component, or, are attracted to some cosmetic aspect. We know this, because, when houses are professionally stagnated, it generally results in more, and better offers, probably because so few individuals are ready, or able to, see, recognize, and / or fully appreciate the possibilities. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, SMART reasons for buying a home.

1. Structure, over cosmetic considerations: Smart buyers pay more attention to the structure, and / or, bones, of a house, than being traveled, and / or influenced by some cosmetic considerations. They recognize the possibilities, and whether, the house is well – built, and will suit their needs, goals, and priorities, effectively, and efficiently.

2. Maintenance: Examine the prospective property, carefully, and thoroughly, in an objective way. How well has the property, in terms of the interior and exterior of the house, itself, as well as the grounds? Examine items such as the heating and air conditioning systems, because, if they have not been properly taken care of, a buyer, could end up with unanticipated expenses! Are the materials used, relatively, easy, simple, and reasonable, to maintain, and will they hold – up, in a relevant, sustainable way? Consider the necessary maintenance schedule and timeline, and plan, accordingly.

3. Attention to, what's most important: Since nearly every new homeowner makes certain cosmetic changes, in order to customize his home, to his needs, priorities, and personal tastes, pay more attention, to the bones, rather than the fluff ! Will the house meet the needs of you, and your family, both, at present, as well as, into the future?

4. Repairs; renovations; remedies; reasons: Be preserved to create and maintain reserve funds, for repairs and renovations, so you are prepared for home ownership. Know your options and alternatives, and opt for the remedies, which meet your personal needs, etc. Consider thoroughly, before purchasing any house, what are your reasons, for wanting to own that specific home!

5. Type: There are advantages and disadvantages to every style, and type of house. If you do not want to climb steps, then, no matter what else, you will only be happy with a ranch – style house! If you have traditional taste, then Colonial houses, which are generally the most desirable, and expensive, should be your focus. Some areas of the country have many houses, which are built in the style, known as Cape Cod, but, unless, you enjoy the impacts on the ceilings, etc, of the upstairs, consider these limitations. Would you be happy with a somewhat – hybrid style, such as a Split – Level, or Splanch?

Homeowners should focus on these SMART reasons, for buying a specific home. Will you be able to prioritize usage, over emotions?

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