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Eagle Eye's Exit From Searle's Chinese Room

In connection with "Sensor based-Net controlled" applications, concepts have arisen such as "Internet of Things" and "Web of Things" which aim at interconnecting all things as an intelligent self-configuring wireless network of sensors. The popular film "Eagle Eye" describes a "good-intention, bad-exit" scenario "of a Supercomputer called ARIIA" Autonomous Reconnaissance Intelligence Integration Analyst ", which gains consciousness and which is …

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Healthy Skin – How Chinese Herbs Benefit Your Skin

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Chinese herbs are an excellent source of modern drugs and treatment cosmetics, provided one knows where and how to look. To those who are not familiar with it, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is mysterious and full of "mumbo jumbo," as its theory and practice are steeped in esoteric terminology. Terms such as qu feng (wind dispelling), …

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