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Grapes, Glycemic Index and the Weight Loss Surgery Diet

Weight loss surgery patients are learning that including low glycemic fruits and vegetables in their high protein diet is an effective way to introduce nutrients and flavor to meals without the negative consequences associated with other high carbohydrate foods. Understanding the GI (Glycemic Index) is the first step to adding nutrients, variety and flavor from vegetables and fruit to the …

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Glucose, Fructose and Why the Glycemic Index Is Misleading

Glucose (sugar), fructose (fruit sugar) and maltose (malt sugar) are the three most common types of sugars found in our food supply. They occur naturally in plant-based foods or drinks and in some dairy products. They can also be extracted and used as a sweetening agent by food manufacturers to make their packaged products taste better. All sugars, regardless of …

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Index Funds Let You Ride the Waves of the Market

There are many different types of funds to invest into, and some can be more complicated than others. Some have better benefits than others, and investing in index funds is no different. They have advantages such as being simple, having lower costs, diversification, and even some tax advantages. To first understand the benefits of investing in index funds, you should …

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