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The Blood Sugar Levels

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The blood sugar levels or the blood glucose level is referred to the amount of sugar that is present within the blood of a human being. Typically, the body keeps the blood glucose levels at the normal range that is 3.6 to 5.8 mM. It is strictly regulated as the part of a metabolic state of equilibrium.

Glucose is the primary compact of energy stored in the body and it is the main source of energy intended for the body cells, lipids and fats. The glucose is then transported from the liver towards the body cells through the bloodstream and being absorbed with the body cells through the involvement of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that is normally produced by the body through the pancreas.

The normal blood glucose level is 10mM or 140mg / dL. Although the sugar levels may fluctuate in day time, it raises once you finished taking a meal for about one-two hours with little grams. Sugar level is at the lowest point at the morning prior to the first meal for that day and it is termed as the "fasting level". For the total sum of glucose to the blood is about 3.3 to 7g by presuming the normal volume of an adult blood of 5 liters.

Once the blood glucose level is beyond the normal level range, it is an indication of a problem with the health. The persistent high sugar level is hyperglycemia and the below normal level is referred to as hypoglycemia. The term diabetes mellitus is illustrated by a continuous hyperglycemia at any possible causes, which is tagged as the major disease which is related to the failure of blood sugar guidelines. Some transity hyperglycemia was resolved from several pressures such as stroke, trauma, surgery or heart attack.

Normal Values
There have been several factors that may affect an individual's blood glucose levels. The bodies' homeostatic mechanisms once working normally can reinstate the blood glucose level to a fine range at around 4.4- 6.1mmol / L or 82-110 mg / dL.

In spite of some broadly changeable intervals among meals, otherwise the irregular eating of meals with careful carbohydrates loaded, blood glucose levels will still remain to its normal level range. On the other hand, soon after eating, blood sugar levels might go up temporarily at the height of 7.8 mmol / L or 140 mg / dL.
The post-mealglucose level that is less than 10mmol / L or 180mg / dL and the pre-meal glucose level that is of 5 to 7.2mmol / L or 90 to 140 mg / dL was recommended by American Diabetes Association.

The definite amount of sugar within the blood along with the body fluids was very little. To a healthy male adult with 75kg or 165 lbs within a 5 liters or 1.3 gal volume of blood, the blood sugar level is 100 mg / dL or 5.5 mmol / L that corresponds to around 5g of sugar in blood and 45g within the body water .

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