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Top 3 Smart Refrigerator Reviews

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GE GNS23GHSSS Refrigerator

GE Smart Fridge is a great model that is featured packaged and totally adjustable to your needs. Move the shelves to make room for larger dishes, bottles and packages. The in-built water dispenser unit feature ensures you get cold water when you need it. If you need to freeze meat or fresh produce quickly use the quick freeze option. This option helps keep food fresh longer with the nutrition locked in. The controls are easily accessible and operated at the touch of a button. There are multiple air flow systems that circulate air to all the sections keeping all parts of the fridge at the required temperature. In case you need to quickly cool dish or produce just use the turbo cool option. There is plenty of storage space with cabinets, drawers, glass shelves, door bins, gallon storage bins and more.

LG LFXS29766S Refrigerator

If you want a big fridge the LG LFXS29766S Refrigerator is an exceptional model with huge amount of storage space. It is designed with the door-in-door feature. Store your beverages, drinks and snacks in this section so you do not have to open the main fridge section looking for these items. The ice making unit is slim and elegant and handles ice making task like a pro. You will never run out of ice for your parties as it makes 7 pounds of ice per day. It consumes just 736 kWh / year which is one of lowest in this class of refrigerators. The well-designed interiors allows you to store several bags of groceries, fresh produce, meat and beverages with no hassle. Ice and water are available from the door-dispensing unit. So one more reason you do not have to open the fridge door. Choose the LG smart refrigerator if you are looking for a large storage fridge with minimum energy consumption.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator

The Samsung RF23J9011SR French door smart fridge is one of best in its category. Sleek and very elegant in looks, the design allows you to store enormous amount of food. It boasts flexible design elements where bottom door can be modified into freezer in case you need extra freezer space or use it as regular fridge at other times. This sort of flexibility in design makes it truly unique in its class. You can store up to 20 grocery bags in this fridge at one time. The triple cooling system ensures that temperature and humidity are maintained in 3 main sections of the fridge with minimum use of energy. The ice master makes 5 pounds of ice per day. The adjustable shelves make storing food, bags and big sized bottles easy. To quickly cool or freeze items use the power cool or power free button.

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