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Top 5 High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

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Undeniably most high cholesterol foods are delicious. This may be the main reason why many people have a hard time cutting down their high cholesterol foods intake. Those who have high levels of cholesterol have no choice but to reduce or eliminate such foods from their diet. Listed below are some of the high cholesterol foods that one should avoid to prevent getting a high level of cholesterol.

1. Eggs . Eggs are considered as a staple breakfast food, but they also come with high levels of cholesterol. Medical experts, specifically those in the American Heart Association, recommend that only 300mg of cholesterol should be consumed every day. Eggs carry 213mg of cholesterol, so if one eats ice cream, cheeseburgers and other high cholesterol foods for the rest of the day, it is not impossible that their levels of cholesterol would rise.

2. Fast food . Every time a person enters a fast food restaurant, chances are he or she can hear the sizzling of burger patties on the grill and see fries being cooked in vats of oil. Those are just 2 signs of the amount of cholesterol present in each fast food product. Hamburgers can have 85mg to 175 mg of cholesterol, while French fries have 5g of trans fat and 4g of saturated fat.

3. Ice cream . What's a meal without dessert? People can have a slice of chocolate cake, pie, or during hot summer days a scoop of ice cream. This may come as a surprise and shock to many, but it has been determined that 1 cup of ice cream has higher amounts of cholesterol than 10 donuts and has more fat than hamburgers. Ice cream is one of the very high cholesterol foods you should try to avoid.

4. Palm oil . Although food that comes from plants is considered low in cholesterol, palm oil will increase the levels of cholesterol in a person's body. Other plant food products that can increase cholesterol levels are coconuts, palm kernel oil and coconut oil.

5. Snacks . Those bags of chips people love snacking on can help increase cholesterol levels. Before picking up a bag of chips, read the label first. Some snacks have identified the amount of cholesterol and trans fat present in the product.

Other high cholesterol foods that one should avoid or cut down in one's diet are food that comes from animals (beef, poultry, etc.), dairy products, and pastries. Aside from cholesterol-ridden foods, people with high levels of cholesterol should watch out for food with a lot of trans fat. But that is a topic for another article.

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