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When Does a House Become a Home?

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When you buy a property, you buy a house. You may have bought it as an investment to be traded in again – "flip it" if you like – to make profit. You may have bought it for renting; others may rent it from you and make it their home – but for you it is still a house.

You buy a home to live in with your family. Before you move in, you visit it a number of times and plan the decor of the rooms, plan how you will place the furniture; you buy curtains that will match the walls and the furniture. You pay attention to umpteen details to give it a pleasant look, to give it the warmth of feelings. You are transferring your personality to the place. You are transforming the house into a HOME!

Home is where you and your family will have a sense of belonging, where you will share your joys and sorrows. Home is not just a shelter; it is a place that takes on the personality of the people living in it. Home is where your friends call on you, where you share with you friends and relatives your happiness of an occasion, be it Christmas or Easter, be it wedding anniversary or a birthday.

Home is a place where you want your family to feel safe and secure. This feeling of safety and security, of belonging does not get confined to the four walls of the home; it encompasses the environments, the locality, the people living in the neighborhood who will share some moments of your life and with what you tend to share their good and bad times too. This give and take of good and bad times with the neighborhood makes it your home neighborhood, extending that sense of belonging.

That is why when you buy a home, you pay as much attention to the suitability of the locality as to the suitability of the house itself.

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